Meet the Staff

Alasdair - Alasdair works on our website and sometimes pops up in our Edinburgh shop. After working with us for a few years we finally persuaded him to pick up the pins, although we're not convinced he's knitted more than the hat we started him on.

Christabel - When Christabel isn't working in our Edinburgh shop, she's studying for her Masters in Classics at the University of Edinburgh. She is a novice knitter, and dreams of one day knitting a sock.

David - David is a well known face in our Falkirk Craft Studio, although he can sometimes be found in Stirling too.  His local knowledge is invaluable, as is his knowledge of the products in store.

Dawn - Dawn is a knitter who helps out at our events and in all of branches. She once knitted a huge number of Big Wool hats to raise money for her daughter's trip to Nepal and has recently completed a beautiful cardigan in Felted Tweed.

Ellie - Ellie is a Psychology student and crochet enthusiast in Edinburgh shop. She likes to convert knitted Fair Isle patterns into crochet ones - when we ask if she'll ever learn to knit them, she just shrugs and carries on crocheting. She can also be found on Instagram at @ellebelle.makes

Emily - Emily, who joined the McAree Brothers team in September 2016, has been knitting and occasionally designing simple garments and accessories on and off for 10 years. She moonlights as a board member for the Edinburgh Horror Festival and local performance group Some Kind of Theatre, and is never knowingly without coffee or sock needles.

Heather -  Our resident Rowan Design Consultant, Heather, has been knitting since she was 8 years old, and is still completely obsessed with it. She starts more projects than she finishes and her favourite colours will always be the brightest ones on the shelf. Heather works in our Edinburgh shop, offering one-to-one knitting and crochet tuition, and can also be found on Twitter: @KnitWithHeather.

Helen - Helen in our Falkirk Craft Studio enjoys working with numbers but is a novice at knitting.  She can manage scarves.

Katherine - Based part-time in our Falkirk Craft Studio, Katherine is a great member of our web team and is also completing her studies at Stirling University.

Lucy - A crocheter in our Edinburgh shop.  A big fan of the Brittany Crochet Hooks, she learned to crochet using Crochet Unravelled.

Natalia - Natalia is a Criminology & Italian student, who loves animals and music. Once she starts a knitting project, she will either start another at the same time or go without sleeping until it is done.

Sarah - A fan of all things crafty, Sarah loves to master new techniques.  She can usually be found in our Edinburgh branch updating something internet-y or solving knitting problems.

Susan H - Susan started knitting a long time ago when she was a little girl.  She was taught to knit by her mother and started off knitting scarves for dolls. She then progressed to scarves for herself. Then when she had children, she knitted baby clothes but as they got older, she had to stop, as they wouldn't wear handknitted garments any more as they weren't "cool".  Since she started working at McAree Brothers, her knitting passion has flourished.  She loves knitting most things but hates sewing the garments together!  She loves the Rowan Kidsilk Haze - it's so soft and makes beautiful scarves.