Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Easy Thrummed Mittens

My favourite new technique of the last year has been learning how to knit with thrums. At the minute, I’m just finishing off a pair of thrummed mittens and they are hands down (!) the cosiest things I have ever knitted.

The inside of the mitten feels soft and fluffy like a sheep!

Thrummed mittens are traditionally knitted in the colder parts of Canada, but they are certainly handy during the chilly half of the Scottish calendar. They are also really straightforward to make. I used a free pattern by Debi Wilbur, called Easy Mittens with Thrums (available through Ravelry) and knitted the pair from one ball of Rowan Pure Wool Superwash Worsted shade 121 Morello. For the thrums, I used some unspun merino tops from my stash, but you could totally get enough thrums for a pair of mittens out of one packet of Clover Felting Wool. One of the most fun parts of this project was deciding which colours to put together - I decided to go for two plain shades, but I’ve seen thrummed projects using multi coloured thrums and they look incredible!

A nice big pile of pre-made thrums

To make a thrum, you will need to pull a length of your felting wool (approximately 15 to 20cm in length), and then pull thin pieces off the side, up to about 5mm wide. Fold this length into a loop. Pinch it together in the middle, then roll your fingers together, so that it stays in an 8 shape.

Pull the thrum through the stitch, along with the working yarn

When it comes to knitting a ‘thrum stitch’, simply lay a thrum across your right-hand needle, just next to the working yarn, and draw it through the stitch, along with the working yarn.

The thrum and the stitch are knitted together as one

On the next round, you will knit the thrum and the stitch together as one (effectively a k2tog).

All the thrum guides I’ve read have pointed out that it is absolutely worth making a lot of thrums at the beginning, so that you don’t have to keep pausing your knitting to make them. This seems like good advice to me - I think I used around 180 thrums per mitten!

Completed Mittens :)

Thrummed mittens were a quick and satisfying project to make - and they're sure to keep my friend's hands warm and toasty whenever she wears them.