Friday, 23 December 2016

Yarns We Love: Hemp Tweed

Rowan Hemp Tweed caught my eye the moment we unpacked our first delivery of it over a year ago. It was unlike any other wool I had seen before. It is a wool that seems a bit odd in description but in reality is soft to the touch, gorgeous to the eyes, and truly delightful to work with.

Hemp Tweed has a slight sheen to it, which is something you don’t typically see in a tweed wool. But the sheen and tweed effect combine perfectly in each different shade to create a uniquely textured appearance that has a stunning effect in knitted and crocheted pieces.

Hemp Tweed is 75% wool and 25% hemp. If you are unfamiliar with hemp as a fibre, then here is a little interesting information for you. Hemp is a plant that is believed to have been one of the first plants spun into a usable fibre over 10,000 years ago. Hemp fibre has since been used consistently throughout history for products such as fabric, rope, and canvas. It has a long history of being an incredibly sturdy and durable material.

So all that basically means that Rowan Hemp Tweed is combining everything you love about wool with the added bonus of a durable (and wearable!) hemp fibre. Rowan Hemp Tweed gives excellent stitch definition and it has elasticity without losing its shape over time.

Hemp fibre is also an incredibly breathable material, similar in that respect to linen. When combined with wool it is an excellent temperature regulator. When its cold, it will keep you warm, and on those slightly warmer days it will stay cool. Last Christmas, I knit my dad a hat in Hemp Tweed and he claims he finally has the perfect winter beanie. As a man who positively detests getting over-heated (and can usually manage to do so, even in bitterly cold Ohio winters) he said he has really enjoyed a hat that can keep his ears warm but still allows his head to feel like it can breathe.

If you can’t tell how excited I am about Hemp Tweed so far, just wait, there is more. This fall Rowan has released the new Hemp Tweed Chunky. Original Hemp Tweed is approximately Aran weight. Hemp Tweed Chunky shares all the same gorgeous properties of its thinner counterpart, but it is a thicker wool. Perfect for plush cowls and cozy garments. I definitely think I will be treating myself to a knitted snood in Hemp Tweed Chunky this winter.

Post by Leah in our Edinburgh shop