Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Yarn Tetris

Yarn Tetris Stacking.jpg
Yarn Tetris Round One

When I started working in the Edinburgh shop last September, I realised pretty quickly that working in a yarn shop would be unlike anything I'd done before! There's so many unique things about the job - from searching the shelves for that elusive dye lot to tracking down patterns for dog hats. And of course, every day usually involves a round of my favourite game - Yarn Tetris.

Yarn Tetris J&S Lace.JPG
New (to us) shades of Jamieson & Smith Shetland 2 Ply Lace

For example, last week we received a very exciting delivery of the Jamieson & Smith Shetland 2 Ply Lace, in a beautiful range of colours that we haven't stocked in Edinburgh before! But since our shelves are always packed, to make room for all the new colours it was time for Yarn Tetris. We shift the yarns around until we find ourselves with an empty cubby hole - although sometimes it takes a little creativity, like turning all the balls of Rowan Fine Tweed on their sides so they take up less space.

Yarn Tetris Fine Tweed.JPG
Rowan Fine Tweed now views the world from a new angle

Some yarns are easier to find a space for than others - the new Sublime Evie is wonderfully squishy and only needed three cubbies to show off all its shades! Others - especially with a big delivery like this one - take a little longer. But it's worth it when all the new colours are out on the shop floor, making a beautiful yarn rainbow.

Yarn Tetris Evie.JPG
Sublime Evie: compact and beautiful

Post by Christabel in our Edinburgh shop

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