Wednesday, 4 November 2015

New Knitting Workshops

Reading over the list of topics for our recently transformed McAree Craft Studio, I’m so excited about the new workshops we are now able to offer!

Brioche stitch (also known as tuck stitch) has really rocketed in popularity over the past couple of years and I’ve been itching for an excuse to learn. The squishy texture, the colour combinations, and the wavy, wandering stitch patterns look so warm and cosy, and it seems like brioche is the perfect stitch for knitting wintry scarves and cowls. Carol Meldrum’s Brioche Stitch workshop promises to be a colourful and creative day learning a great knitting technique.

Brioche Knitting or Tuck Stitch Nordic Traditions

One other really special workshop we have coming up is Karie Westermann’s class on Nordic Traditions. Karie is perfectly placed to teach a workshop about the knitting traditions of Scandinavia and the Nordic regions, as she is herself a full-time knitwear designer from Denmark.

This workshop is ideal for knitters who have some idea of how to follow a simple colourwork chart (if you’re not there yet, why not check out Carol Meldrum’s beginner class on Fair Isle Knitting in Stirling?) and will cover traditional knitting techniques from Norway, Denmark, Iceland and the Faroe Islands while you knit some beautiful wrist warmers. Karie will also be bringing her own inspiring samples of Nordic colourwork (oooooh!)!

If you’ve always wanted to know more about the history of colourwork knitting, or the traditional heritage of our beloved woolly craft, why not come along to this fun and informative class led by a colourwork expert? 

For a full list of our upcoming workshops, visit the Workshops page on our website.

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