Friday, 6 February 2015

Block Party

My favourite thing about these KnitPro blocking mats is the way they slot together in a really satisfying way. It’s one of those simple pleasures, fitting a jigsaw piece into its proper place, but magnified onto a giant fun-sized scale. The mats fit together perfectly - there’s no twisting or squashing to persuade them into place and, once joined, it’s easy to move the whole board without any of the pieces coming loose or being left behind.

Although these are technically called lace blocking mats, I found them to be more than up to the task of blocking DK and aran weight crochet squares. They were capable of supporting several squares per mat, with just a pin in each corner, and there was no risk of the mats curving or folding as the squares were stretched over them.

One pleasantly surprising thing about these blocking mats is how quickly they dry. They basically feel like the foam used for swimming pool floats so, unlike the carpet and towels that formerly served all of my blocking needs, they don’t absorb water from the knitting/crochet and leave the work pinned to a damp surface that takes as long to dry as, well, a wet carpet or towel. These squares were pretty well saturated with water and, with the board propped up in front of a radiator, they took about two hours to dry. Lighter weight yarn, like 2ply or lace, would dry even faster.

They’re also SUPER lightweight so you can prop them up against even the flimsiest of supports (like this plant) and they remain steady.

Really, my only complaint with these mats - and it’s quite a petty one - is that I don’t really like the colours. Orange, green and blue would never be my first choice of palettes but, even so, it is not without merit. Light and dark colours alike would show up easily against these bright colours and, even if the main colour of your project is worked in one of these shades, one of the others is bound to provide a contrast!

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