Thursday, 11 December 2014

Socks and Blocks

I’ve almost finished these beautiful Artesano Definition socks and could not resist taking them out and modeling them on our new Knit Pro sock blockers!

One of the nice things about socks is that they are such versatile little projects. If you want simple knitting, a plain sock in a self-patterning yarn will provide you with (literally) hours of entertainment. If you want a project that’s a bit more of a challenge, socks have you covered there too. This has been one of my favourite ever ‘fancy sock’ knitting projects, and I would say that it’s basically all down to the cleverness of the pattern.


Firstly, look at the way the ribbing merges seamlessly into the stitch pattern! That’s the sort of thoughtful detail that really endears a pattern to me. Not to mention the way that it separates itself out again for the heel flap, and leaves the sole of the sock flat for walking on comfortably.

Extreme close-up! Woahh!

The pattern is called Azure and can be found in the Artesano Definition Sock Booklet. There are a couple of other really nice patterns in there too, so it’s worth having a look. The Definition Sock yarn was lovely to knit with, with a handle very similar to our much loved Regia 4 Ply.

definition sock.png
Artesano Sock Yarn

The socks look particularly impressive on the sock blockers - the lace pattern stretches to give a much better idea of how the socks will look when they are actually worn. The blockers are made of a very smooth plastic, so there's no risk of them catching on the knitting, and they have a hole in the top to hang them up for storage or for display.

Left: on a sock blocker, Centre: sock in progress, Right: future pair of socks?

I used Clover bamboo double pointed knitting needles (my current favourite sock needles as they have a less ‘grippy’ nature than the Brittany Birch and softer, more rounded tips than the Pony Bamboo) in a size 2.25mm. This is a size smaller than I would usually use for socks, and helps to avoid loose stitches in the lace pattern, as well is making the tight little stitches stand out.

As you can see, I'm very pleased with the results and cannot wait to wear these socks!

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