Wednesday, 23 April 2014

First Socks!

These little ankle-high socks worked with a classic heel flap are Brenda’s first ever pair of socks! She’s been knitting for years, but only ever knitted socks on single pointed needles before. So how did she feel about finally tackling this new challenge? “I was frightened of attempting them! It was a bit of a challenge because I’ve never done them before.”

Brenda knitted these socks in Fine Art, shade 306 Lapwing, on Brittany Birch 2.5mm needles in the 5” length, explaining that, “for me, the shorter needles are better because the longer ones can get caught up in the knitting as I go along.”

“Although the Fine Art’s a bit expensive, it’s good value for what it is. You’d never get a pair of socks like that in the shops. It’s got a lot of stretch, but I thoroughly enjoyed knitting with it and I’ve got enough left over to make another pair!”

Now a convert to sock knitting, Brenda has big plans to combine her future projects with her love of off-road biking: “I’m going to take the next ones up to Fort William and while I’m waiting for my motorbikes I’m going to see how many socks I can knit!”

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