Monday, 25 November 2013

Our Christmas Windows

Deck the halls! Deck the trees! Christmas time is coming!

Here at McArees, we have been preparing for the festive season with gusto and great cheer and have decorated three beautiful Christmas trees, loading them up with knitted decorations. We thought we’d share some of our favourites with you…

Classic Bauble (from Toy Collection) This is a classic, stripy knitted ball that looks effective and is very quick to knit up (took me 25 minutes). The lovely new shade of Sirdar Ella (shade 12 Bombshell) is particularly good for Christmas decorations - it’s red and it’s sparkly! What more could you ask?
Christmas Wreath (from Advent Calendar) A little more work than the bauble, this is still really easy and you can choose any colour you like to wrap around the body of the wreath, making it an ideal for coordinating with an existing colour scheme. You could even scale up the pattern with a super chunky yarn, like Rowan Big Wool and 10mm needles and hang it on your front door.
Fruit (from Advent Calendar) It’s never been clear to me why ornamental fruit is considered a traditional Christmas tree decoration. Perhaps it’s something to do with the partridge-containing pear tree from that song about extravagant Christmas giving. Perhaps not. Either way, pears and apples are great fun to knit and after Christmas you can put them in your fruit bowl to keep the real fruit company.
Snowman in a hat (from Toy Collection) This wee guy basically looks like a snow sausage until you add the all important hat and face. Very straight forward to knit and you can really go to town designing wacky hats, or use any Innocent Smoothie hats that you may have recently purchased atop a fruity beverage!
Christmas Tree (from Christmas Special) Aww, a tiny tree! This is an ideal knit if you live in a tiny flat and don’t have space for a full size tree. It’s also suitable for anyone who just thinks Christmas trees are great.

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