Thursday, 19 September 2013

A New Baby (Cardigan)

Sirdar can always be counted on to provide us with trendy baby patterns that are sweet without being too fussy.  One of their latest releases in Snuggly DK caught the eye of Sophia, who works in our Edinburgh branch, and she has knitted up her own version in just under a week!

Sirdar Pattern 1402

As you can see, Sophia's cardigan has been faithful to the original pattern, sticking to the Light Grey (435) yarn shade and plain round buttons.  Her decision to use the little green flower buttons in the centre of each flower embellishment, however, introduces a splash of colour and adds another dimension of cuteness to an already adorable design.

When I interrogated her about her knitting experience, she explained why she found this such an enjoyable knit.  She found the textured pattern kept things interesting - ideal if you are someone who finds row after row of stocking stitch can become a bit tedious.  The flower details were, admittedly, "A bit fiddly," but, "They were worth it because they are just so cute.  The flowers totally make it."

Her other tip for this project was to knit the button band separately and sew it on afterwards if you have trouble picking up stitches evenly.  It can be a little more time consuming, but quicker in the long run if this is something you find tricky.

To make the cardigan to fit the first size (0 - 6 months), Sophia used less than two balls of Snuggly DK, and had enough left over from the second ball to make the hat as well.  That makes it an excellent value knit, at just £6 for enough yarn to make the set!

"All in all," Sophia concludes, "I am very proud of my first baby garment."

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