Friday, 19 April 2013

PomPoms for Balfron Blossom Project

This June, the streets of Balfron will be transformed into a woolly wonderland!  As part of a local arts festival, the PomPom Blossom Project has been launched with the aim of hanging thousands of brightly coloured, hand-made, pompoms from the trees of Balfron, to "transform the village into a multi-coloured sensory experience".

Well, being lovers of all things woolly and crafty, we couldn’t resist joining in and making some pompoms.  In the Stirling shop, 21 magnificent pompoms were whipped up over the past week (using the Clover PomPom Maker to speed along the process, a pompom could be created in a few short minutes) by our crafty staff members.

There are big ones and small ones; some made from wool and some made from acrylic (can you spot the extra fancy pompom made from Rowan Kid Classic?); some made from just one colour and some made using lots and lots of colours!

We tried hanging them outside for a farewell photoshoot before sending them off, but it was a bit too windy and we certainly didn’t want them to blow away in a gust and perhaps try to make their own way to Balfron!

Afterwards, the pompoms were carefully wrapped up and popped into one of our little grey envelopes, ready to contribute to the PomPom Blossom Project. We wish them well and look forward to seeing the completed project in June.

Post by Heather in our Edinburgh branch

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  1. The pompoms have arrived safely in Balfron! It was a lovely surprise to receive them. Thank you so much - they look great and we will be adding them to our PomPom Blossom Festival blog in the next few days. Anyone else who wants to make them please do!