Monday, 25 February 2013

Flight of the DPN

It’s always great to hear about novel projects and unusual uses for yarn. Nick Stowe, one of our online customers, however, has introduced us to an alternative career path for the humble 3mm double-pointed needle.  He has discovered that the 30cm pins are ideally suited for acting as a “push rod” on certain model combat aeroplanes.

Good luck, little DPN!  (You can see it running along the side of the central wooden section)

“I started using knitting needles in my Control Combat model 25 odd years ago when I was living and working in Holland, as everybody else in the Hobby was using them too,” explains Howe, who has been incorporating knitting needles into his aeroplanes for more than 25 years.

Since the planes are combat models, they fight one another in the air, which often results in irreparable damage. It’s a good thing the needles come in packets of five because international competitions require “vast supplies” of these models!

Launching a plane built with knitting needles.
Post by Heather in our Edinburgh branch

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