Friday, 12 October 2012


Sirdar Pattern 9619

In between trying to learn all the systems of the "engine room" behind the shop and website, I have been trying to knit one of my favoured complicated patterns in the few spare quiet moments. It takes a certain type of fools-rush-in-where-angels-fear-to-tread attitude to choose a lacy pattern, in variegated yarn, to knit with phones ringing, orders to process and pack and all the other myriad things that make up my actual day job and which have to take precedence!

The pattern is Sirdar Pattern 9619: Lace Sweater in Click Chunky. I am knitting it in shade Wild Cherry 169.

Sirdar Click Chunky shade 169 Wild Cherry

Just yesterday I had to ask the expert to undo 12 rows when I inadvertently swopped the right side and the wrong side...I think I may accept defeat, take the sweater away to knit at home and knit a pair of Regia socks in the quiet moments in the office. But socks don't have to be boring, even when they are just stocking stitch. Just look at this:

Exciting socks by Regia

Yes, that's's a free pattern...Tempted?

Post by our new girl, Max

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