Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Puzzle the Monkey

Hello everyone,

My name is Puzzle the Monkey.  I am called Puzzle because Hannah says I am a bit squint and I always have a puzzled look on my face.

I am the first monkey that she has ever made, and I think she really enjoyed knitting me.  Especially when I got sewn together and I started to come to life.  She called me "So cute" so many times I thought that might be my name!

 I am made from Sirdar Click DK Cobble (129) which although it looks brown is actually lots of lovely colours.   My muzzle, hands, feet, tail and ears are shade Downy (144).  I am lovely to cuddle and if I fall in a puddle can go in the big machine to be washed.  Although not too fast or I might get dizzy!

At the moment I am settling into my new home with Baby Boy.  Hannah says she will post me nice things on my Birthday & Christmas, like bananas and pyjamas.

If you would like to knit a friend like me you can find me in Sarah Keen's book Knitted Wild Animals: A Collection of Adorable Animals to Create from Scratch or on Ravelry.

Puzzle The Monkey (& Hannah too)

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