Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Spinning in Stirling

As you may have read on our Facebook page (or seen in-store with your very eyes!), last Wednesday we held a free and informal spinning demonstration in our Striling branch.

Cayt and Maddie brought in their wheels and set about spinning some original yarns.  Cayt spun with local sheep fleece, dyed with Kool-Aid and Maddie started work on her very first wheel-spun yarn using our own Clover Roving.

Cayt's Kool Aid-dyed local sheep fleece
Maddie's Clover Roving yarn

The event was a lovely way of highlighting another aspect of wool and yarn-related crafting, and the calm whir of the wheels added an industrious backdrop to our busy department.  It was an excellent opportunity to chat to some of our customers (many of whom are spinners too - exciting stuff!) and to share some knowledge and skills.

Maybe the next logical step in investigating the origins of knitting wool will be to bring in a sheep and have a live shearing demonstration!

... perhaps some of our talented staff or customers have some tips or experiences they'd be willing to share...?

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