Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Yarns We Love: Adriafil Azzurra

The problem with working in a yarn shop (if this can really be classed as a problem) is that there are just so many great yarns. How can I possibly single out just one to write about? It's been something of a personal battle. In the end, Adriafil Azzurra emerged triumphant from the short-list and now I intend to justify this choice to you, dear internet, and to the yarns I didn't choose (I'm sorry, Felted Tweed, can we still be friends?).

Firstly, the Azzurra is a fine yarn. Well, obviously it's very fine indeed if it's the subject of this article, har har, but what I mean is that its weight is somewhere between a 3 ply and a light 4 ply. This is an incredibly versatile weight. 3-4 ply can be used for projects ranging from adult garments to shawls to dolls clothes... even toys made on a miniature scale or featuring small shaping and detail.

As anyone who actually knits or crochets light-weight projects will testify, however, 3 ply is usually a domain reserved strictly for the palest of pastels. That's fine, but it's not always what I want. This problem leads me nicely to Azzurra's second major strength:

Azzurra's colour range is superb!  There are bold, bright colours (including the best orange in the shop); there are a nice variety of tonal neutral shades; there are even pastels for those who are into that sort of thing!

Finally, I can't stand to use only one colour on a project and Adriafil Azzurra's shades have the amazing ability to look excellent together in a surprisingly wide vairety of combinations. Orange and blue? It's great! Purple and green? It's great! Red, turquoise and grey? Great! You get the idea... Azzurra is definitely a yarn I love.

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